The Five Star Guys Story

Five Star Guys started when ten long-time friends from the DFW area — Dustin, Keith, Ben, Sean, Trapper, Ron, Gary, Steve, Brian, and Justin — met at an HVAC industry conference. Over time, their friendship developed to the point where they would share business tips and carefully hand over clients to one of the other guys if a homeowner needed help and one of the guys couldn’t get to them that day.
The guys all work in nearby neighborhoods, have 5-star reviews, the same fantastic guarantees and warranties, and the same expert training and employee background checking. So they created a one-stop-shop where customers could save time finding “the right guy” in their area to help with their home’s air conditioning and heating systems. The next time you need help with your home’s heating or air conditioning, contact Five Star Guys and they will send the right guy to do the right repair, right now.
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What Sets Five Star Guys Apart from the Competition
Members must pass rigorous testing to ensure they meet the 5 Star Guys high standards of excellence
All employees are background checked, drug tested, and extensively trained
Upfront price quote guarantee even if it takes more work to complete the job
No more wasting time searching for reputable companies
More warranties than you can shake a stick at
Trustworthy, reliable group of contractors with experience to provide the right repairs

Services We Provide

Five Star Guys takes the worry and hassle out of finding an honest, reliable, and respected company for all your home’s heating and air system maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Every company that’s a member of Five Star Guys is locally owned and operated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unlike other groups, members don’t pay to participate, but must pass rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards of excellence. You don’t have to pore over reviews or worry about who you’re welcoming into your home if you choose a Five Star Guy. Just enter your ZIP code and we’ll take care of scheduling your appointment with the right 5 Star Air Conditioning and Heating repair company in your area.
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